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Free Accessible Garden Tour

Saturday, Sept. 13th 10AM – 3PM

A learning experience for the least and most experienced among us~
This tour provides the opportunity for everybody and every body to explore and enjoy unique and sustainable garden spaces as featured in the Oregonian.

In addition to maximizing accessibility, the gardens all focus on a variety of sustainable practices (e.g., pesticide free), native plant emphasis, and original garden design.

Included are gardens with a focus on plants that promote native bird and beneficial insect habitats to populate the gardens’ spaces; three gardens which include inventive waterfalls; gardens that include spaces for the public to enjoy in addition to privacy for the owners; one garden community comprised of 11 individuals on 3 lots with 3 houses (including a straw bale home); one garden’s primary focus being unique hardscape design.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in a tour with an additional focus: complete accessibility.

For more information, contact Larry Cross

serendipitydezign AT 503 267 2766

Download the Tour Map


waterfallramp toward RP ChrisFront Fence